Dancing on Spikes

by Citizen Fish

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In a country beset by economic woes, a Tory government and a strange, reactionary backlash by many young people that has led to these people being in power, a release from the Citizen Fish/Subhumans camp is especially timely. Dick Lucas has always been adept at writing in depth lyrics relating to social and political problems without making every song sound like a political tract, and the new Citizen Fish EP 'Dancing on Spikes' is a biting look at the current situation in Britain, set to a shout a long ska punk soundtrack that should have anyone' feet moving straight for the nearest dancefloor/pit. Like last years full length album 'Goods', the music on here is slightly slowed down in comparison to the bands output during the 90s and early 2000s, but its none the less foot stompingly catchy for it. Songs such as 'Unemplode', aimed at Job seeker's office and their unrealistic expectations for people to find work in this climate, or otherwise work for much lower than the amount needed to live, or 'Over', questioning the finality of the assumption that we have pulled out and 'finished' with certain middle eastern conflicts, are made more comprehensible by a slower pace, and are still catchy as fuck. The one faster song on the record, 'Write It All Down' is clearly going to be fun when your down the front with a cider in hand, but to be quite honest all six tracks are! The West Country's finest come through again.


released August 1, 2012

bass/voice- Jasper
drums- Silas
trombone- Matt
trumpet- Alex

recorded and mixed by James and Ed
at Shockerwick Studios near Bath
27+28 Jan and 20+21 April 2012
co-released by Bluurg and Active Records



all rights reserved


Citizen Fish Bath, UK


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Track Name: Unemplode

this man works - oh no he doesnt
in the local - no it isnt
family run - out of business
shop - destroyed by supermarkets
this man works for next to nothing
just to keep the dole incoming
hundreds like him on the phone, hes
ringing round the poor and lonely


other people rarely met
have meetings in our interest
and tapping into latent patriotic
senses they suggest
that its the country thats in debt
but as we scour the internet
for cheaper ways to make ends meet
we know the pictures incomplete


money makes the world collapse
your workforce just fell down the cracks
join the queue of the underpaid
just to hear no jobs today
its easy now to say you care
but the country's run by millionaires
its rich boy bullshit overload
in a nation set to unemplode

Track Name: HD Riot

here's the daily news of the twisted views
of the banks and the businessmen
of the war and the waste of the human race
and how our lives are already spent
but we know it already cos it's been on the telly
it's another world out there
it's a cultural fix as the images flick
and it keeps us all stuck in our chairs

it's what we come to see
the basic enemy
is inactivity
they don't care what's on as long as
people stay in watching it

now the programme's on about the rights and wrongs
and it's hard to agree which is which
the screens gets bigger the closer we get
til the rest of the world doesn't fit
now every mum's son is at number one
and there's nothing l;eft to surprise
the war and the weather and the show goes on
and everyone's in disguise

the new celebrity
has anonymity
it could be you and me
they don't expect what happens next
the gut reaction realised

there's a fight for the right to not get shot
for gathering on the streets
and closer to home when the fuse has blown
it's a race to grab a TV
it's high definition of aiming low
in a culture of hope destroyed
now see the effect of your disrespect
and how it's gone world-wide

your 'big society'
is out there rioting
what's your priority?
all sides in this culture war
are out there saying 'never again'
Track Name: Beyond Belief

my god's bigger than your god's bigger
than his god's bigger than mine
hands together eyes closed
who do you believe in?- cos i dont!

its bums on pews for the one-way view
of the scarey world outside
its bombs on the news and we all sit glued
and pray for better when we die
cos you dont get to be president yet
and you dont get to be king
and you don't get to to be given the guns
til you've done the religion thing
its politic man with your cross in his hand
behind his back saying dont blame me
its morality man with his social plan
on thought for the day- i thought 'fuck me'
if religion had the power
or politicians had the soul
would either be a unity
that wouldn't crave control?
then the god squad came with more of the same
and the president sang with the usual gang
of caring for the kids in Afghanistan
whose parents got killed by the Taliban
who were given the power by americans
financed by rightwing christians
altogether now holding hands
do the gods of money and morality dance
my god's bigger than your god's richer
than his god's armed to the teeth
its a war for our souls and their love of control
will take us beyond belief
Track Name: Over

I heard that peace had met its price at last
a bell once banned now tolled me so to say
through the sound of grinding teeth decayed
a distant cheer was raised 6 miles away
that broke a mustered silence come to pass

some things are best forever blamed
when peace no longer has a frame

they say its over

i saw the dust unsettled far from homes
retreating tracks now waving in
some distant fields of vision grown so thin
from war now won or lost, what now begins
lies scattered to the world like all these stones

they say its over

i spoke once shouting coughed its hand to friends
made mirror nervous as their eyes, like glass
reflected shard-like sounds of bombs and blasts
and blinks- voices raised again, and fast
a past unburied had to wait again

i smelt the fear of years to come before
some passive judge of time and history
will talk of lessons learnt for all to see
through holes in walls we made to keep the peace
now weakly redefined as the lack of war

they say its over
Track Name: Write It All Down

if these, some momentary words, were caught on paper, read
by one or two or twenty thousand people never met
and if a word inspired a thought and carried on the chain
what's written down may go around to meet up face to face

blink- and then, as people say
it seems like only yesterday

so take time out to write about the difference between
the now and then and how and when that changes what will be
depends on who's still reading in a future flashing past
communal synchronicity, or everything too fast?

blink- and then well either way
it seems like only yesterday

when death came round we understood
that all these moments that we thought
were written down were gone for good
unless they were written down, of course
Track Name: It Can't Go On Forever

something wrong, yeah the moneys all gone
and i almost learnt the words to the same old song
measuring austerity by the pound
in your pocket when we dock it put the benefit down
bigging up economy ignores the facts
when the people got no money it will all collapse
the beer is getting cheaper but we cant afford the gas
i'll have a pint of sympathy - plus tax

the buildings, theyre burning
you're earning, we're learning

now the rungs are coming off the ladder
its a level playing field
where no-one gets the uniform
and no-one gets the deal
the only way to replicate
some sort of self-esteem
is to redefine the way we work
together, outside of the machine

this waiting, it's degrading
another person, another version

cos he can teach and she can fix
and everyone does what they did, but
free to choose the useful bits
its self-control get used to it
its neither working for the Man
we never got to meet
nor full of stress disinterest
or just set on repeat

another person, another version
occupation co-ordination
until the job's worth doing